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Why A Mature Escort??

17 December 2017

Why a mature escort

Age is not a boundary when chemistry and compatibility take the lead. In the escorting circle mature ladies proved to be more in demand than their younger competitors for several reasons – men like somewhat, older ladies for their maturity, independence, poise and self-confidence finding these qualities quite attractive. Mature escorts tend to be more sophisticated, elegant, educated, and have more experience. As a rule a mature escort is more realistic and has enough experience in relationships and well understands what a man needs and what he wants. She’s therefore, happy to provide sensational fun time with no heartache and no strings attached. She’s more seductive and more sensual as her sensuality blossoms with mature age. She’s like fine wine - get better and more delicious with age.

If the 20 year old can finish the man with her coquetry showing herself as the touchy girl, the fatal beauty, the 40 year old has no inclination to play tiresome games and able to tailor the most exhilarating experience to suit a man’s requirements and aspirations. She’s very much self-assured and has her own interests in life. Men seem to enjoy the company of a lady who leads an intelligent conversation and thus find mature ladies are interesting interlocutors, something that doesn’t apply to sexy nymphets with perfect body parameters. A Mature Escort can be a sex therapist as well as a psychotherapist - she can offer a good ear and be a good listener, a modern day courtesan, tender companion and confidante. She will offer comfort and support in difficult circumstances and what’s more, she can keep control in most critical situations. She’s undeniably eloquent, vivacious and savvy with decadent charm yet, unpretentious and easy going enough to be hugely entertaining. To be continued!

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