Just some quotes from some reviews some gentlemen have left me. You're welcome to add yours too and share your experience...

Bob July 2018
Shereen is a beautiful and charming lady. I was nervous and Shereen made me feel at ease. Spent an amazing evening with her and looking forward to seeing her again. xx

Eric the Frog August 2017
Shereen is a very nice and classy lady. She is beautiful outside and in her soul. I absolutely recommend her.

Mario 30 Jun 2017
Absolutely Bloody Fabulous!
I invited Shereen over in my hotel upon seeing her photos on Cherry Girls. The pictures are very accurate, although in the flesh she's more of a charming and infectious personality. I did not intend to spend 4 hours with her but I am glad I did. She's a very entertaining companion over dinner, very feminine, and interesting with great sense of humour and the wits for an intelligent conversation, and back at the hotel she took the leads pretty soon. She's a beautiful lady with a lovely face and that butt... most luscious! Just the way a sexy curvy lady in her prime should be. Shereen is too much of a lady for me to be explicit about the sex but she has some very sensual moves. She's very accomplished and has all the skills a lady of her age can have an amazing blow job, which almost finished me off right away. I will be seeing Shereen again in the near future. I had an exceptionally fabulous experience!!

Russell 5 Jun 2017
Shereen is very demure attractive lady. Having read some excellent reviews for Shereen I decided that I couldn't afford to miss the opportunity of seeing her on my recent visit to London. She came to visit me at the Royal Garden hotel. She contacted me to tell me she was arriving in casual clothes because it was a very hot day. She had her stockings and high heels which she changed to soon after her arrival. She was very charming and any nerves I had disappeared in milliseconds as I was immediately put at ease by her delightful infectious smile and engaging conversation. After a glass of champagne the evening seamlessly slipped from a lovely drink with a friend to a much more intimate sensational encounter. She's a truly lovely lady, she likes to feel special and likes to savour the moment together, a true GFE and a lot more... It would be inappropriate to dwell on the details but it's amazing what you can do with champagne other than drink it straight from the glass!!

She's a very classy lady who exudes genuine warmth together with a desire to entertain with a sex appeal that's seemingly boundless and impossible to quantify. Shereen is sizzling hot on a hot night, one should not miss the opportunity to spend sometime with this exceptional lady!

Ray 30 Mar 2017
Woww!! 2 hours with this lady were undoubtedly like the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time. I would recount the details but they're lost in a blissful blur of passionate impressions, I'm afraid. Suffice to say that this was the most sensuous way of spending an afternoon that I have encountered in a long while. Girlfriend sex of the highest order.
Thanks Shereen - I'll be seeing you soon!

Brian 15 Mar 2017
I am 70 and my needs far underexceeded what was on offer but I got exactly what I wanted. Dress, heels and silk knickers only.
Smoldering eye contact while she rubbed her silk knickers and I rubbed my cotton ones. Short break to wash the dangly bits and lose my trousers and pants then back to find her with no knickers...
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Brian 16 Feb 2017
Shereen is really quite exceptional and unique. If you like the finer things in life you will definitely have an exceptional fun time with this lady.
I was dazzled by her captivating smile and sultry eyes the moment I opened the door. She's very special with beauty, dress sense with an aura that exuberates sensuality.

She arrived on time and I thought it was a good idea to share a bottle of bubbly which put us in a kinky mood though, she looked erotic as she is.
Wonderful to meet a beautiful woman who dresses to one's expectations and she looks irresistible and stunning in stockings and high heels and most exquisite black lingerie. As Shereen is very intelligent and well informed conversation ranged across a number of topics before she gently and discreetly steered it into what turns her and me on, thus building the basis on what would happen next. We quickly moved into DFK, she's an mazing kisser and I must admit it's the best DFK I've encountered. She's 100% a lady in all aspects, charming personality, exquisite, splendid... with curves made to worship, sensuality and sexiness.

After spending 2 hours with her I felt I reached new heights. She has the most wicked tongue and by the time she finished sucking me I was so hard I could have knocked nails on the wall with it... She's very responsive and has the most sensitive and sweet tasting pussies I've ever tasted.
The 69 - woooooooooooooooooooooooow... Just simply amazing! We went through different positions till I exploded in Doggy. We did pretty much everything, no clock watching just a long wonderful fuck! The most awesome 2 hours... Just as the title says amazing, amazing, amazing...!!

Jorgy 30 Jun 2016
How best can I sum up my encounter with Shereen? Well, she had me rocking hard without even having to touch me! She has the sexiest body and personality to give the Pope a stiffy. Her curves and firm boobs aren't the only delight on offer. She's a "pretty full on lady" as broadminded as me. Her French kissing blew me away and her BJ and my... Those lips take you to heaven and back, made me tremble all over...
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Dr Tease Me2 20 Nov 2015
Great comms - very easy to book. Guided to location on the day. Chatted in her living room before heading for a shower. Walked into her bedroom to be greeted by her dressed in some stunning French lingerie. Lots of kissing to get in the mood. Great OWO and 69 - I reckon the lady could suck a golf ball through a straw...
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MG 16 July 2015
Shereen arrived on time to my hotel room. She was dressed in a business suit as requested with a white blouse and high heels. On entering I was greeted by a deep French kiss, she then took her jacket off to reveal her heaving bust trying to escape out of her blouse. ON seeing what was partially on offer I quickly decided to get...
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Rob 10 June 2015
I have seen Shereen (previously Salma) quite a few times over the last few years and she always floats my boat. For me she is that well-dressed friendly lady you might meet somewhere and wonder about, who then makes your fantasies come true. She makes you feel at ease, is really interesting to talk to and ...
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Danboy 4 June 2015
I had met Shereen once before when she was known as Salma. This time the experience was even better than the last time. She is a very skilled and amazing lover. I was pampered and spoilt as she catered to all my requests. Her oral skills are among the best I have experienced and her tongue touched me...
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Danboy 11 July 2014
I had an awesome experience with Salma. She made me feel like a lover she had not seen in awhile yearning to fuck my brains out. This girl can really suck dick.. and I mean really suck dick !! She has a tight pussy and had some exceptional moves with my dick deep inside her. And that ass..
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Ray99 27 June 2014
The meeting got off to an excellent start without a hint of seeing an escort. For a long time I've entertained a business woman fantasy and Salma was able to deliver and ensure I arrived at her place supposedly to meet a business partner. She was dressed in a sexy immaculate suit just perfect for the occasion. She looked irresistible in her tight skirt and high heels...
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Al 94 25 June 2014
This lady is super sexy - fantastic and intelligent. She has hips and curves that can move in every angle and leave pleasingly shaken. Her blow job is intense and passionate making your legs tremble...
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Dave 15 Oct 2013
2hrs of pure pleasure with Salma, both physically and intellectually. Did not watch the clock either, and looking forward to another meeting soon.
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