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My First Taste of Tantra

24 April 2016

Long ago I decided to throw all my prejudices aside and embrace the world of tantra. I joined a course and found myself in a room of 50 people, all standing and swaying gently from side to side with their eyes shut. “Imagine a shower of golden lights falling through your body into your pelvic bowl,” whispers course leader Marco. For 2 hours among a bunch of people I’ve never met, I’ve had to shake my body rhythmically to soothing Indian music to get my energy flowing; pick a male partner and let him rub his (though fully clothed) bum against mine, to indulge my inner playfulness; and let another strange man stroke my face all over for 2 minutes to experience pure sensation. the shower of golden lights is the energy Marco asks us all to picture flooding our whole body and powering our genitals. This is supposed to be an introduction to tantra and boy I was then still out of my comfort zone.

Tantra is meant to connect a man and a woman spiritually as well as physically, due to concentration on deep breathing, focus on sensation and touch and relaxation.

Back at home with my guy then, we used the exercises as warm up to seeing if we could find Nirvana together. During the actual deed we didn’t notice we were doing anything differently, and nothing felt different either. I then took the decision to learn more about tantra and do a proper course by the experts in the field... But still, my ex and I still found nirvana in the end... in our own way!

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